Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Surgery Postponed

Thought I would update and let everyone know that Aiden's surgery was postponed by the anesthesiologist at the last second. While I completely understand his concern about the lung issue, he did not treat us very nicely, and implied we needed to consider our son's safety before putting him through elective surgery. Well, yes the circumcision is elective, but his dental surgery is not an option at this point. We just wanted to knock out both procedures while he is under anesthesia so he won't have to endure it twice. So we will proceed as planned with the bronchoscopy and CT scan next month (which of course requires anesthesia), and then reschedule the other after we know for sure what we are dealing with in his lung. Thanks for the prayers, and we will let you know when we have some news. I'm also adding a few pictures we had taken last week.


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