Friday, March 26, 2010

Log In Date

Well, finally today we received our LID, after a month of anxious waiting. Turns out we have been logged in since March 8th, but China only sends confirmations of the dates once a month. So we are happy to mark another milestone off the list of our journey. Only about 2000 more to go, but I'm trying to be patient.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I was waiting to update when we received our log in date (LID), but was told by our family coordinator that it may be another week or two before we hear something. I did receive an e-mail from Amanda who runs the foster home where Aiden lives. She discovered that he has 3 teeth growing out of his palate (instead of the gum line). She said he had been really fussy lately, and now she knows why. At first I was so sad about this news because I can't be there to comfort him, and get him the medical help he needs. Then I realized that it's not my place to be in control of this. God is with Aiden now, just like He was from the beginning of his life. He has protected him all along the way without any imput from me. Doesn't mean I won't still worry, as that is a momma's job, but I have to trust His plan. It's been perfect up until this point, and will continue to prove perfect until completion. Just a bump in the road, but thankfully we are still on the road moving forward. I'm thankful that Amanda is on top of the situation, and has given us updates so we can plan for his care when we return home. I plan to talk to Cambrie's pediatric dentist in a few weeks when I take her in to get his opinion. Eddie and I are thankful for your prayers for Aiden, and we will keep you updated on how God continues to bless our family with the addition of this special little boy.