Thursday, July 22, 2010


Another picture of our "big" boy. According to Amanda, this is a wheelchair that was bought with donations for a little boy at the home that can't walk. Apparently it has been a wonderful blessing for him, and he is enjoying his new independence. Aiden just felt like he needed to try it out as well. I can't believe how grown up Aiden is looking. Hate that we are missing this time, but we know God's plan is perfect for him and us. We are curently awaiting our "Article 5" (something new that I'm not sure I can explain with words). When our agency receives this, it should take 2-4 weeks for travel approval. Once we receive that, we are free to go get our boy. Unfortunately we must wait for a US Consulate appt. and for the next travel group. Could be fast (1 week) or up to a month to travel. We are preparing for school to start in 2 weeks. Kyle will be in 5th grade and Cambrie will start kindergarten. This should help the time to pass a little more quickly since we will be busy with school. I've already been praying for this new transition in our lives, as well as his. I'm praying that he will bond quickly with his brother and sister. I hope the same for his parents, but it is more important to me that they have that special bond right away. They are so excited, and have waited for almost a year to meet this guy. Eddie and I have been down this road before, and experienced the rejection (with Cambrie), so I think we can handle it, and are prepared for that possibility. Obviously Aiden will have to grieve his loss of everthing that he has known, but we pray that this is short lived, and we are able to comfort him through that time. So that is where we stand for now. Hope to post again soon with some news.